TDC opposition parties work together to improve TDC’s Budget

All 3 opposition amendments were accepted by TDC’s administration last night and a 4th was incorporated into the leader’s Budget speech to prevent the amendment being necessary.

As a result, there is now a £500,000 Tendring Community Fund to assist local good causes, funding for a Housing Intervention Officer to assist vulnerable families facing eviction, additional funding to support Enforcement action across Tendring and funding for 2 additional public realm posts to improve grass cutting, verge trimming etc, bringing the total number of new posts to 6.

This was achieved at no additional cost to council tax payers and shows how a united, pro-active opposition can make a genuine difference right across the Tendring District.

Pictured L-R: Cllr. Graham Steady (Partnerships), Cllr Garry Scott (Housing), Cllr. Maria Fowler (Environment & Public Space), Cllr. Ivan Henderson (Deputy Leader, Business & Economic Growth), Cllr. Terry Allen (Leader), Cllr. Mike Bush (Corporate Finance & Governance), Cllr. Delyth Miles (Independent Living), Cllr. Mark Stephenson (Leisure & Tourism), – Photo Copyright © Maria Fowler 2019