Harwich & District Branch of the Labour Party

Harwich has 13 Labour Town Councillors, 6 District Councillors and 1 County Councillor.

The Harwich & District Branch of the Labour Party welcomes all members and anyone who would like to help. Why not come and join us? There are many local people who support what we are doing for Harwich but do not wish to become members of a political party. Does this describe you? Would YOU like to do something to help your local Labour councillors? Deliver our leaflets in your street? This would probably only take around 15 minutes once or twice a year but would make a big difference to us when we are trying to ensure that everyone knows what Labour is doing for Harwich.

If you can help, please contact us.

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Ivan Henderson speaks up for the Harwich International Port and business

Any Brexit ‘agreement needs to be done as soon as possible.’ We need the best trade deal we can get, one that minimises friction at our ports. The Conservatives have said they will get a deal, they need to deliver on that. Video Source: BBC Politics England

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