How much is fly tipping costing TDC?

How much is fly tipping costing TDC?

That is the question being asked by Harwich Town councillor, Geoff Smith, as he is seeing instances of fly tipping increasing throughout the Harwich Peninsula.

Cllr. Smith believes the problem is getting worse and intends to ask his colleagues on Tendring District Council to table a question to TDC’s portfolio holder for the Environment, Cllr. Michael Talbot, to establish the cost to the council.

Cllr. Geoff Smith says, “Fly tipping must be costing TDC a fortune and that means our council tax is being spent clearing up someone else’s mess. It is costly, unsightly and unnecessary and local residents are fed up with it.”

Cllr. Smith represents Harwich and Dovercourt Kingsway Ward on Harwich Town Council and he is having reports of fly tipping reach him constantly from all over his ward. He is aware that his colleagues are experiencing similar problems throughout the town and believes a strategic approach is needed to counter the tipping.

“It was obvious that the decision to go to two weekly refuse collections and to limit how much waste will be collected was going to increase fly tipping but there doesn’t appear to have been any thought given to combating the problem,” continued Cllr. Smith. “TDC officers are doing their best but it is time that they were given some political leadership and support from the portfolio holder. If everyone else could see there was going to be a problem then why didn’t he?”

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How much is fly tipping costing TDC?