Tendring: Labour seeks Tory assurances on street lights, no place for any doubts on lights.

streetlightThe Labour group of Tendring District Councillors is writing to each member of TDC’s Conservative group who is also a Conservative county councillor ahead of Tuesday’s meeting of TDC at which the vote will be taken on PNSL.

Labour tabled a motion in November calling for TDC to fund the amount necessary to have Tendring’s street lights switched back on at night until Essex County Council can be persuaded to abandon its PNSL policy.  The Tories running TDC blocked the motion at the time and have delayed its return to council for determination but have finally had to allow it to be placed on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting.

Leader of the Labour group, Cllr Ivan Henderson, says: “The Tendring Tories did not want to hear this motion and have forced residents to go right through the winter with their lights switched off but it will now be voted on at Tuesday’s meeting.  When Labour tabled the motion in November the Tories were all happy to block it but it will be interesting to see how many panic now that an election is close to hand.”

One major concern is the news that the Conservative county councillor overseeing the PNSL policy, Cllr Rodney Bass, has described a similar proposal by Harlow District Council as ‘bizarre’ and has immediately refused to act upon it.  The Labour group at TDC is concerned that some Tendring Tories may vote for Labour’s motion because they expect their Tory colleagues at County Hall to prevent it from becoming a reality and that is why Labour is seeking assurances at Tuesday’s meeting.

“We have written to the five TDC Tories who are also Essex County Councillors asking them to each give an assurance during Tuesday’s debate that they will ensure that the Tory administration running Essex County Council does not block TDC’s request if TDC votes for the lights to be switched back on.  Everyone will be watching these five councillors very closely during Tuesday’s debate. They owe it to the residents they are elected to represent to make their position clear.”

The five Conservative councillors on TDC who are also Essex County Councillors are the leader of the council, Mick Page, TDC Cabinet members Carlo Guglielmi, Paul Honeywood and Allan Goggin along with Andy Wood.

For further information please contact Ivan Henderson on 07889 367822