Town centre improvements continue

Dovercourt High Street
High Street, Dovercourt.

Labour led Harwich Town Council is working very closely with TDC to bring about improvements to Dovercourt Town Centre using the Lidl S106 funding and Labour Ward councillors, Dave McLeod and Garry Calver, have been very active working alongside TDC officers to get the best outcome with the available funding.

In spite of initial public reservations the new Heritage style lamp columns in the High Street are now extremely popular and the new black railings being installed at the Town Centre cross roads will enhance the visual impact of the columns.

The idea to replace the old grey railings with the new black ones came from Town Centre traders and Garry Calver and Dave McLeod were pleased to be able to feed the idea into the system and to see it come to fruition.

For further information contact: Harwich Labour Press Officer Garry Calver