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East central ward candidates
East central ward candidates

Garry Calver – Tendring District Council and Harwich Town Council

Garry Calver is 53 and has lived in Harwich all of his life. He is married to Alison, has one daughter and has served as a local councillor for sixteen years. He attended Mayflower primary and Harwich County High School before working as a clerk at Harwich International Port. Garry is now registered blind but remains active in the Harwich Society and Tendring CAMRA and compiles the monthly quiz for the cricket club. Garry is fiercely proud of our town and wrote what has now become known as ‘the Harwich Hymn’.

Garry Calver may be contacted on: 01255 551940

Dave Mcleod – Tendring District Council and Harwich Town Council

Dave Mcleod has been a councillor for Harwich since 1992 and has had the honour to be our town’s mayor on three occasions. He has three daughters, eight grandchildren and is now a very proud great grandfather. Dave has recently retired as a local bus driver and cares passionately about our town. He has been behind many local initiatives including ‘Harwich in Bloom’ and is particularly keen to see the regeneration of our town centre. Dave is very active in the local community and will do everything he can to promote and improve our town.

Dave Mcleod may be contacted on: 01255 318825

Darren Hincks – Harwich Town Council

Darren Hincks is 41 years of age and has lived in Harwich all of his life. He is married with two children and has been a local bus driver for the past 20 years. Darren went to Mayflower Primary School and the Harwich School and was active in the local Army Cadets. He is a staunch trade unionist and enjoys attending local quiz nights. Darren believes there are many ways in which things could be improved for Harwich and its people and, if elected, will do everything possible to bring such improvements about.

Darren Hincks may be contacted on: 07960 701708

Charlie Powell – Harwich Town Council

Charlie Powell is 62 years of age and has lived in Harwich for 40 years. Well known as a local bus driver he is now the depot manager. With over 30 years of experience, public transport is very close to Charlie’s heart and he is aware of how important it is to the local community. Charlie is married to Fiona and they have four children. If elected, Charlie will work to ensure that the policies of the council reflect the needs of Harwich’s people.

Charlie Powell may be contacted on: 01255 506206

Labour’s team for East Ward

East ward candidates
East ward candidates

Ivan Henderson – Tendring District Council and Harwich Town Council

Ivan Henderson was born on the Bathside and has lived here all of his life. Married to Jo, Ivan has three children and grandchildren. He has previously served East Ward as a Town and District councillor and was Harwich’s MP for eight years. During that time Ivan helped to provide Harwich with its new primary school, brought the SureStart initiative into the town and was successful in securing Trinity House’s future in Harwich. Ivan would be proud to again serve the people of East Ward as their councillor.

Ivan Henderson may be contacted on: 07889 367822

David Flavell – Harwich Town Council

David Flavell is 57 years old, has lived locally for over 30 years and lives in the heart of old Harwich. David is a retired immigration officer who is a keen cyclist and real ale enthusiast. He is passionate about Harwich and was recently at the centre of the residents’ campaign which attempted to persuade TDC to open the Gas House Creek car park. David is active in the Harwich Society and the Harwich Town Residents Association as well as sitting on the Harwich Conservation Panel. If elected, David will always listen to the views of the local residents.

David Flavell may be contacted on 01255 504709

Marilyn Morrison – Harwich Town Council

Marilyn Morrison moved to Harwich in the 1970s and now lives in old Harwich. She has two children and two grandchildren who all live locally. Marilyn has a background in accounts and administration and presently works for a Braintree based company which installs overhead railway cables. In her spare time she enjoys playing badminton. Marilyn has previously served as a Harwich Town Councillor for East Ward and would be proud to do so again. Marilyn believes in the regeneration of Harwich for both present and future generations.

Marilyn Morrison may be contacted on: 01255 502313

Alan Todd – Harwich Town Council

Alan Todd has lived in Harwich all of his life. Educated locally Alan became a merchant seaman and spent his entire working life at sea. He is a staunch trade unionist with the NUS and then RMT and was elected as a ship’s convener, a post he held for over twenty years. Alan is now retired and lives on the Bathside. Alan cares deeply for Harwich and its people and, if elected, would do everything in his power to assist in the regeneration of the town.

Alan Todd may be contacted on: 01255 508138

Labour’s team for West Central Ward

West central ward candidates
West central ward candidates

Jo Henderson

Jo Henderson has lived in Harwich all of her life. She attended the Harwich School and the Colchester Institute and has worked in a local hairdressing salon for the last 26 years. A keen gardener, Jo is married to Ivan and has one son, Joseph. As a mother with a young son Jo has used the local Surestart facilities and knows how important they are to local families. She is also very angry at the condition of our local swimming pool and believes the town has been badly let down by the Tory and Community Rep councillors who would not support its refurbishment.

Jo Henderson may be contacted on: 07714 761693

Robert Stretton – Tendring District Council and Harwich Town Council

Robert Stretton is 62 and is a retired structural engineer. Leaving school at fifteen, Robert began work for a company of civil engineers and took every opportunity to gain experience and qualifications. As a result he worked as a draftsman and a mechanical engineer and his career included a number of years working in Africa on equipment design and housing projects. Returning to the UK Robert achieved an Honours degree in Engineering before working throughout the country on various projects. Robert has lived in Harwich since the mid 1990s and, if elected, will devote his time and energy to working for our town.

Robert Stretton may be contacted on: 07983 207445

Dee King – Harwich Town Council

Dee King was born in Ireland but moved to this country as a child. She has two children and five grandchildren. Throughout her working life Dee was mainly employed in clerical positions involving accountancy. Dee enjoys dancing, quizzes and crosswords and believes that one of Harwich’s biggest strengths is our community spirit. If elected Dee would concentrate on supporting our local community. She believes that Harwich already has a ‘Big Society’ and dislikes the Tory attempts to make political capital out of hard working volunteers.

Dee King may be contacted on: 01255 318825

David Woodgate – Harwich Town Council

David Woodgate is 58 years of age and is married to Sharon. They have three grown up children and three grandchildren. David spent many years working as a sales rep and is now a bus driver for 1st Essex Busses working out of the Harwich depot. David has many interests including most sports and enjoys taking part in quizzes. If elected, David’s first priority will be to assist in any way possible with the regeneration of Harwich.

David Woodgate may be contacted on: 01255 554413

Labour’s team for West Ward

West ward candidates
West ward candidates

Les Double

Les Double is 57 and is married to Frances; they have two children and three grandchildren. He is a former Town Mayor and has represented the West Ward since 1991. He has a passion for our town’s community regeneration; to this end he is the founding Chairman of the successful Harwich Connexions organisation and an active Trustee of the Community Association. Les has served as a governor of the Harwich School for thirty years. Les is a Director of the East of England Co-operative Society. Les is 100% for Harwich

Les Double may be contacted on: 01255 242645


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