Harwich Labour welcomes ‘Levelling Up’ award

Labour led Harwich Town Council fully supported the Levelling Up bid for over £6 million to improve Dovercourt town centre and provided a letter of support to TDC to accompany the bid when it was submitted.

Labour has voiced its concerns about the manner in which the Government forced the community to bid against other communities for funding and believes that such awards should be based solely on evidence of need and should not be a competition.

Local labour councillors were extremely disappointed when the Government rejected the bid for Dovercourt town centre and are incredibly pleased that this has now been reversed.  The Conservative Government has massively reduced its funding of local councils over the past thirteen years, and this has had a large impact on the services that residents need and are entitled to.  This award will in no way make up for the amount that has been removed but is certainly good news and is to be welcomed.

£6.7m Levelling Up Fund grant awarded for Dovercourt town centre schemes in Budget