Additional councillor in Labour’s Harwich Town Council group

The Labour Group of Harwich Town councillors are delighted to announce that Cllr. Sean Fay has joined the group.

Cllr. Fay has sat on Harwich Town Council as a Conservative since 2015 but has now decided to join the Labour group increasing its number from thirteen to fourteen.

Cllr. Sean Fay says, “Throughout my time as a Harwich Town Councillor I have been extremely impressed by the commitment and effectiveness of the Labour group and they have always sought to be open and inclusive. I now believe I can achieve more for our local community by being part of the Labour group and benefiting from their energy and support.”

There are sixteen councillors on Harwich Town Council and, following Cllr. Sean Fay’s move to Labour, it will consist of fourteen labour councillors and two Conservative councillors.

Leader of the Labour Group of Harwich Town Councillors, Cllr. Maria Fowler says, “We have always been impressed by Sean’s attitude and approach to the council and it was the Labour Group that asked him to take up the position of vice chairman of the Planning Committee, a role he fills very effectively. He is a most welcome addition to the Labour group.”

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