New waste service has been “shambolic”.

RESIDENTS in Tendring have been told they should leave missed rubbish out for up to three extra days following “teething problems” with collections.

Tendring Council said it is working with its waste contractor Veolia after rubbish has been left uncollected on the Thursday round – which mainly covers Manningtree, Mistley, Lawford, St Osyth and Thorrington.

Residents whose collection is missed are now being asked to leave their waste and recycling out until Sunday afternoon.

The council said: “Working with our contractors Veolia we have identified that Thursday rounds seem to be suffering the most with teething problems as the roll-out of our new waste service continues.

“With that in mind we are asking residents on these rounds to leave out any waste not collected on a Thursday until Sunday afternoon.

“This will allow a catch-up service from Veolia to pick up any missed collections.

“We are working hard, alongside Veolia, to minimise disruption and apologise for these teething problems.”

Maria Fowler, Tendring Council’s shadow cabinet member for environment, said the roll-out of the new waste service has been “shambolic”.

She said: “It’s appalling – it’s a mess.

“The whole roll-out of the new waste collection system has been a shambles.

“The council had plenty of time to sort it out, but the council doesn’t seem to have any control over its contractor.

“It is not acceptable to have residents put up with rubbish on the streets for four days.

“Residents are now suffering because of the changes that have been made. It infuriates me.”
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