Labour seeks boost for Big Society fund

At tomorrow evening’s meeting of TDC the Labour Group will be drawing attention to how little is presently available in terms of funding to support local charities and good causes through the council’s Big Society fund.

The fund is the only method by which local charities, clubs, societies and organisations can seek much needed financial assistance from TDC and at present only around £30,000 is available for this purpose.

At tomorrow evening’s meeting Cllr Maria Fowler will ask the following question, tabled in her name on behalf of the Labour Group:

‘Will the Portfolio Holder for Finance please confirm how much money remains available to support the voluntary sector in the council’s Big Society Fund? Will he further advise the council whether or not he intends to allocate additional funding to this budget and, if so, how much and when?’

Cllr Maria Fowler says, “It is not good enough that this Conservative/Independent administration has allowed the available funds in the Big Society Fund to fall so low and I am disappointed that it is necessary to bring this matter to their attention. Someone has taken their eye off the ball and it needs addressing urgently.”

At present there are Town councils within the Tendring District with larger grant budgets than that of the District council itself and the Labour Group considers this totally unacceptable. The voluntary sector is being asked to take on more and more as the government and local authorities cut back on services and the least that local authorities can do is ensure that financial support is available to assist the voluntary sector.

Leader of the Labour group, Cllr Ivan Henderson, says, “There was no delay in increasing the budget for cabinet members by £20,000 but no one has considered ensuring grant aid to the voluntary sector is adequately funded. I question the priorities of an administration that increases its own allowances before it thinks about the needs of the voluntary sector.”

For further information please contact

Ivan Henderson on 07889 367822