Important advice for postal voters in Tendring from TDC

With the May 7 Elections now only days away postal vote envelopes are landing on people’s door mats across Tendring.

This time some postal voters will be receiving more than one pack – as there are three elections on that day.

There are the Parliamentary, District and Parish elections all taking place, including two separate Parliamentary Elections for the Clacton seat and the Harwich and North Essex seat.

Depending on their eligibility to vote – and the area of the District they live in – people will get between one and three envelopes.

There are white ballot papers for the Parliamentary Election; green for the District Elections and beige for the Parish Elections.

Voters must ensure they follow the instructions in the postal pack and return their relevant ballot paper and completed voting statement in the correct envelope.

Voters in the Harwich area will receive their Parliamentary ballot paper from Colchester Borough Council and they must be returned there.

Ian Davidson, the Returning Officer urged postal voters to follow the instructions and to use the envelopes provided to return them to the respective Returning Officers.

“It may sound confusing but the main thing is to follow the instructions provided in each pack,” he said. “All of the postal voting papers have now been issued and I would urge people to return them as soon as possible.”

If anyone has queries about their postal votes they should call the relevant Elections Team.

The Tendring team in Clacton is on 01255 686566 and the Colchester team is on 01206 282820.
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