Harwich Labour sadness at slapped wrist for Danny Mayzes

Slapped wrist is just for Christmas – not for life!

Suspended Conservative Councillor Danny Mayzes.
Suspended Conservative Councillor Danny Mayzes.

The news that the Tendring Tories are willing to allow Danny Mayzes to remain in their group following his sickening posting on Twitter has been greeted with disappointment and sadness by the Labour group.

The decision only to suspend Cllr Mayzes until the New Year was announced by the Conservative Group this morning and, whilst not a surprise to Labour councillors, is a great disappointment.

Deputy leader of the Labour group, Garry Calver, says

“Cllr Mayzes should have resigned his seat immediately after his sickening posting on Twitter was exposed. When he did not there was a responsibility among the Tendring Conservatives to take a firm stance and show that they will not tolerate such views by expelling him from their group. What does it say about the Tendring Tories if they are willing to welcome him back with open arms as soon as Christmas is over?!”

The Labour Group believes that Cllr Mayzes should resign his seat. The fact that his views were not considered ‘criminal’ does not alter the fact that they are totally unacceptable and Labour believes that his continued presence as a TDC councillor does nothing to enhance the good name of the council.

“It is sad for the good name of Tendring District Council that Danny Mayzes remains one of its members and it is a stain on the reputation of the Tendring Conservatives that he is to remain a Conservative councillor,” continued Cllr Calver. “His expressed views have no place in mainstream politics and he should accept this and resign.”

For further information please contact Garry Calver on 01255 551940