Update on Labour activity


Hi All,
A fair bit has been going on since my last unofficial update so here goes.
The East Ward team has been very active and, having carried out a successful clean up on Bathside, carried out another clean up on Harwich beach. David Flavell has been achieving good things with seeking to get improvements to neglected buildings and Ivan has been tackling the on going situation re Harwich Quay. The team is particularly concerned about the fact that there is no protection for people using the benches on the quay from cars. This has been reported to ECC but with no action to date. Ivan and Dave Flavell finally got the portfolio holder with responsibility for parking to visit East Ward and showed her the issues.
Thanks to Les, the Labour group managed to alter the terms of the grant of £20,000 to the Electric Palace for their digitisation project which has made a big difference to their funding. Lawrie and I worked with a Conservative county councillor, Mike Page, to secure a further £15,000 which means that TDC is the only council that has failed to make a contribution.
Jo and Ivan foiled a silly game that the Community Reps tried to play over Hospital Lane. The CRP claimed that the lane was so overgrown that people could not use it and arranged a clean up, allegedly supported by residents. When the Standard photographer turned up the only people there were five members of the CRP. The only people, that is, apart from Dave Mcleod, Dee, Ivan, Jo and Joseph who had all turned up to assist. The entire thing was a publicity stunt and, in the end, Labour gained most of the publicity. For the record, the lane was perfectly passable and when Jo asked to be shown the pothoes they had a job to find one to point at.
Jo has been making life very difficult for TDC over the state of the swimming pool and also the situation regarding Pound Farm. An application has been submitted to demolish the rear of the property but Labour is insisting that this be linked to an immediate restoration of the house itself.
Dave Mcleod and I are working closely with TDC in an attempt to bring about a resolution to the derelict Starlings site and the issues that now exist following the fire at the Queens Hotel.
I have lit a fuse under Colchester Parking Services after a Freedom of Information request showed that they issued 103 parking tickets in the Kingsway alone on the five Friday’ market days in July. We are hopeful that this will result in the re introduction of no parking cones to show motorists where they cannot park.
Les is to be congratulated for his efforts which have resulted in big improvements in the park around the bandstand.
Labour is pushing very hard at TDC to hold the Tory administration to account but this is not proving easy as they are extremely evasive and finding out exactly what they are doing is hard work. Ivan has been studying the constitution which might make future meetings a lot of fun.
Labour now has over 1,000 signatures on our petition to maintain our local police station and local levels of policing.
In addition, everyone is settling into their various committees and getting on with the work.
We are becoming increasingly frustrated with Ricky Callender who appears to be one councillor who has no intention of doing any work. The reports of his failures to respond when asked to do something are incredibly high and we have evidence of him not taking action on issues he has been asked to take up.
Thanks to you all for your continued support.
Best wishes