Labour Writes to Prime Minister

Labour Writes to Prime Minister over TDC ‘Big Society’ fund

The manner in which the Tory controlled administration running Tendring District Council is operating its ‘Big Society’ fund has been put in the spotlight by the council’s Labour Group. Angry Labour councillors have written to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, after a grant application from the local Salvation Army was rejected because their scheme did not offer ‘quantifiable savings’ to the council.
Leader of the Labour group, Councillor Les Double, says:
“The Tories running Tendring removed £1.6 million in funding to the local voluntary sector and replaced it with a single pot of £500,000. Now they are saying that local charities have to save the council further money before they can have any of this funding. It is outrageous.”
The Labour group has written direct to the Prime Minister at 10, Downing Street, to ask if this cold and ruthless approach to the voluntary sector was what he intended when he first established the concept of the ‘Big Society’.
“Either David Cameron has been misleading the country in what he means by ‘the Big Society’ or his Tory colleagues running Tendring District Council are perverting his intentions,” continued Councillor Double. “Either way, the public has a right to know the truth of what the ‘Big Society’ really means to hard pressed voluntary organisations.”
For further information please contact Councillor Les Double on: 01255 242645
or Councillor Ivan Henderson on: 07889 367822