GMB Backs Gordon Brown


It’s time.

This morning, Gordon Brown called the election.

As GMB general secretary, my top priority is speaking up for the best interests of our members. And now it’s the turn of working people like you to decide who is going to speak up for you in Parliament.

In the last 13 years of Labour government, the 600,000 workers I represent have experienced real change. I remember the bad old days under the Tories, when kids had to wear their coats into school because the government wouldn’t pay for heating. But things have changed since then. I want to make sure my grandchildren continue to get the first class education they are receiving at their newly built local school.

Governing is difficult, and we know that over the last 13 years Labour hasn’t always lived up to all our expectations. They haven’t given union members everything we’ve asked for. But, when it comes down to it, Labour has changed Britain for the better.

And what about the Tories? Make no mistake, we know what they stand for: greed. Big cuts to public spending, soaring unemployment, scrapping rules that give mums and dads time off – and tax cuts for millionaires. The Tories would wreck Britain. No wonder they have 63 bankers standing as their candidates in this election. They don’t speak for ordinary people.

Union members face a choice. The day after the election, we are either going to wake up with a Labour government, or a Tory government – it’s as simple as that. Labour or Tory. Fairness or greed.

It’s a choice we all have to make. If you don’t cast your vote, you will still have to live with the consequences of the election – and that could be 5 long years of Tory rule. The consequences of that Tory rule will be dire for everyone except the wealthiest few, which is why we need to do everything we can to stop it happening. We need to make sure people are voting Labour, and where possible are getting active and helping campaign for Labour too.

That’s why we are calling a weekend of action on 17th and 18th April. We are asking you to give up just an hour or two of your time, to help prevent 5 long years of the Tories. I’ll be out campaigning that weekend, and I hope to see as many union activists as possible joining me – letting other people know the truth about the choice we all face on polling day. Click here to find out the nearest event to you: 

This election is a choice for all of us – do we want a government that cares for the majority, or one that just protects the narrow interests of a wealthy minority? To me, the choice this election remains clear, which is why I’ll be casting my vote for Labour.

Paul Kenny

General Secretary, GMB