News from Local Labour


Labour is today demanding that the Community Representatives Party confirms its position following their decision to vote against a budget containing almost £1 million for Harwich.

Both Councillor Stephen Henderson and David Rutson voted against a budget put forward by the cross party alliance of Tendring First, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Independents and supported by Councillor John Brown.

Within the budget, approved by the council, is an £800,000 project to re develop Harwich Sports Hall, £50,000 for seafront initiatives and £50,000 for improvements to Dovercourt skating rink and boating lake.

The situation was further complicated by statements made by the Portfolio Holder for Finance, Councillor Peter Halliday, who said that the Conservative/CRP cabinet would not implement the budget.

Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Les Double, says:

“Both of the CRP councillors represent Harwich and it is time for them to make it clear whether their loyalty is to our town or to the Tory led administration they support. If Councillor Henderson supports our projects for Harwich then he should resign from the cabinet.”

For further information please contact Les Double on: 01255 242645

or Garry Calver on: 01255 551940